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Continuous Rigid Insulation, Created for Your Metal Building

R-Seal® is a comprehensive insulation system specifically designed and produced for metal building owners and erectors. R-Seal provides the highest value in the industry by exceeding energy code and air barrier requirements for continuous insulation at the lowest installation cost. We provide customized detailing for each building and each panel features an integrated air barrier Tape Tab system for quick, efficient installation.

With high energy efficiency, custom lengths, and integrated Tape Tab air barrier system, R-SealĀ® is the solution for metal building insulation.
Thickness R-value U-Factor Style
2 Inch R-15 0.064 Butt Joint
2.5 Inch R-18.75 0.053 Tongue & Grove
3 Inch R-22.5 0.044 Tongue & Grove
4 Inch R-30 0.031 Shiplap
5 Inch R-38 0.027 Tongue & Grove

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